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Ángela Sofía Osorio

≥ If I were asked to highlight a single quality in myself, it would be the love for what I do. Programming, in particular, is something I engage in for the sheer pleasure of creating.

As a frontend developer, I consider myself an artisan of CSS. I take joy in crafting beautiful and interactive components.

I studied in the "One Oracle Next Education" program, where I had the opportunity to be recognized as a "One Helper" for my supportive role in guiding my peers on their journey to becoming developers. We also initiated a live streaming program to provide valuable information, covering both hard and soft skills.

I was chosen to showcase my project live and, ultimately, deliver the graduation speech for the program. Currently, I remain actively involved as part of the student committee of One Oracle Next Education, where we continue organizing events for our alumni.

SofiDev Theme

by SofiDev

I build my own Visual Studio Code, theme 💙

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≥ I think that the best way to learn and master something, is to teach others.

≥ "That is the main reason why I decided to start this channel. However, another reason is the ability to help others with problems I had at some point and couldn't find a solution to ❤️.

≥ In this way, I feel that I am contributing something to my community: The Developers community.

≥ My latest Video ❤️